Do you work for an institution or organization that requires foreign credential evaluations? We partner directly with hundreds of university and college admissions offices, state licensing boards, government agencies, and employers in the U.S. to simplify the process. With our free institutional tools you'll be able to download your candidates' evaluations easily through our secure web portal, set up a tailored, discounted evaluation form for your applicants, and much more. Contact us below to set up a demo.

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The Portal

The portal is more than just a repository of completed evaluations. It allows you to track evaluations intended for your institution in real-time, giving you an insight into exactly when an evaluation may be completed and ready for download.



Our portal can also be customized to show you only the information you want to see. Want to see an applicant's GPA right on your dashboard? No problem. Want to see only evaluations for applicants from China whose evaluations are currently on hold? Just let us know, and we can customize your portal dashboard to show you just what you want to see.

Finally, our portal allows you to submit requests for an evaluation on behalf of someone as well.

One of our institutional liaisons is ready to assist you in getting started using the SpanTran Portal today.

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SpanTran Pathways

Getting an evaluation can sometimes be a confusing, expensive and time-consuming process for students looking to study in the U.S. For colleges and universities that rely on foreign credential evaluations, this can pose a serious challenge to recruiting international students.



To make the process of getting an evaluation easier, more transparent, and more affordable, SpanTran: TEC offers custom landing pages - Pathways Pages - for any college or university that wants to recommend SpanTran: TEC to their applicants. These pages are customized to give your students more guidance on what an evaluation is, why it's being requested, how to get the right kind of evaluation with SpanTran: TEC.

They are free to set up and link directly to our institutional portal, so you can see the progress of your students' academic evaluations in real time to ensure no deadlines are missed.

Learn more and create a custom SpanTran: TEC Pathways page for your students.

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    Want to learn more about how SpanTran: TEC can help your institution get evaluations quicker and with less hassle? You can request a quick 15 minute demo with one of our institutional liaisons.

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