SpanTran: TEC Attends Annual NAFSA Regions V and XII Conferences

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 by SpanTran

NAFSA The Association of International Educators aims to improve international education and exchange through programs and policies to create global citizens equipped to succeed in an interconnected world. SpanTran is proud to be one of over 10,000 members of NAFSA and relished the opportunity to participate in informative panels and networking sessions in Reno and Schaumberg last week. Our team that attended NAFSA Region V in Schaumberg discussed foreign credentials with many study abroad advisors and international admissions advisors, and discussed trends in student mobility and best practices in evaluating documents, and converting credits. There was a multitude of topics discussed, such as international student success, training international students on emotional wellness and mental health, women in leadership, and speaking the language of a Gen Z student. Overall, the conference not only served as a learning ground on how we can improve our connection with our clients, but it provided better insight as to how international education is evolving.

At the same time, SpanTran was also present for the NAFSA Region XII conference in Reno. With our new office in Los Angeles being not too far from Reno, this was the first time SpanTran was present for this annual conference. Since it was our first time, SpanTran LA had the opportunity to network with the areas covered under Region XII (California, Nevada, Hawaii). Topics covered include diversity and inclusion, international education research, how to respond to regulatory changes and many others. We're excited to bring new updated information to better serve our clients. We look forward to attending these conferences next year in Milwaukee, WI and Pasadena, CA!

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