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General Information

Welcome to our online application! Please proceed below and make sure to read each step carefully. 
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Academic History     

Enter your academic and professional licensing history. 

You can include incomplete or in-progress studies too. 

Translation Services:
What is a Translation?

Translations and evaluations are not actually the same thing. Evaluations deal with equivalencies while translations deal with languages. We love languages but we do require certified English translations of all foreign-language documents. If your documents were originally issued in English, you can indicate that below and move on. If your documents were originally issued in another language, you must have your documents translated:
  1. You can provide a certified translation from another professional translator or company. If you provide a translation completed in the United States, it must be performed by a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). We also accept professional translations from other countries as long as the translator is officially certified within that country, but keep in mind the translation is subject to approval.

Verification Services:
What is Verification?

Verification is the process by which we check documents for authenticity. Please read through the options below carefully.

Verification of Post-Secondary Studies (College/University)

All post-secondary documents require additional verification, with few exceptions.

Option 1 - Documents Direct:

You can arrange for your foreign university or college to send your official transcripts directly to SpanTran by mail or by email. We will provide more instructions after you submit this application. If you have completed your program of study AND earned the credential/qualification/degree/diploma/etc., the verification must include the name of the credential you were awarded and the date it was awarded. Please make sure your institution includes this information.

Processing times for verification services may vary depending on your country and institution of study.
Evaluation Services - Click to Learn More

Please choose a processing period:


Delivery - How do you want to receive your evaluation?

Georgia Institute of Technology will receive a completed copy of your evaluation and academic documents. You will not be permitted to receive a copy of your evaluation.

Document Upload

Please upload scans of your photo ID like a driver's license or passport. If you have English translations of your documents, please upload those as well. We need to see both the official, original-language documents and the translations.

All applicants must provide ONE of the following government issued forms of identification: 
  • State Identification (foreign or US)
  • Passport
  • Permanent residency
  • Naturalization paper
  • Driver’s license (foreign or US)
If your legal name has changed, please upload one of the following for proof of name change, in addition to your current ID. Click "Add another response" to upload multiple files.
  • Marriage license
  • Driver’s license (if it includes both previous and current names)
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Passport information page
  • Permanent residency card (green card)
  • Court-ordered name change

Terms and Conditions - Please read carefully!

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:

I am age 18 or older, or I am a parent or guardian of the person whose credentials are to be evaluated and I agree that: 

1.  All payments made to SpanTran are non-refundable except for fees judged by SpanTran to be over-payments.

2. I authorize SpanTran to share my personal and academic details and documents with relevant third parties, including but not limited to universities, institutions, verification/evaluation agencies, translators, and employers, as deemed necessary by SpanTran for the purposes of evaluating, verifying, and/or translating my credentials. SpanTran will follow GDPR guidelines whenever relevant. 

3. My evaluation and/or translation will be based exclusively upon the documents submitted to SpanTran by me or on my behalf. I certify that all of my information and documentation is true and accurate. 

4. SpanTran will not issue my evaluation until I provide all necessary documentation and pay my balance in full. 

5. There will be no refund if any of my documents, materials, or personal details are found to be fraudulent. If fraud is discovered, SpanTran will notify all relevant parties, including target academic institutions, agencies, boards or employers, as well as other members of NACES. SpanTran will not be liable for any damages. I will pay for all legal fees or expenses resulting from any claim I make based on incorrect information that I provided to SpanTran. 

6. There will be no refund for verification services except for fees judged by SpanTran to be over-payments for services not needed. SpanTran's Document Verification Service includes three attempts my previous institution to verify my documents. There will be no refund if the issuing institution does not reply to SpanTran’s verification request. In certain cases, I understand that SpanTran may issue my evaluation with "Verification in Progress." 

7. Once an evaluation is issued, I have 30 days to submit in writing any questions or appeals. SpanTran reserves the right to deny my request(s). I understand that a $50 administrative fee applies if I submit an appeal beyond 30 days of receiving my evaluation.

8. SpanTran is not responsible for mail that is lost or wrongly delivered by the post office or by a courier. Any documents or correspondence received by SpanTran are the property of SpanTran, regardless of the medium of delivery, including but not limited to: mailed, emailed, or faxed transcripts, certificates, and other documents pertaining to this application. SpanTran is not obligated to share such documents or correspondence.

9. If I am paying by credit or debit card, I agree for this account to be charged for the total amount of all services requested in this application. 

10. SpanTran is not responsible for lost or damaged original documents. 

11. SpanTran reserves the right to cancel my file if required. In such cases, SpanTran may issue a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. 

12. CUBA - I understand that documents from Cuba are subject to additional review by SpanTran. After review, SpanTran reserves the right to cancel my file if my documents are deemed unacceptable for evaluation. In such cases, SpanTran will issue a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.

13. SpanTran will not issue a refund if I choose to cancel my application for any reason. I understand that I have a responsibility to cooperate with SpanTran's policies, especially those concerning translation, verification, and evaluation. 

14. Processing times listed on the application are estimates. SpanTran reserves the right to retain all service fees, including rush fees, in the case that additional research or verification increases the processing time required for evaluation.